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🐕 Canine pretending to be a web engineer 💻 (_She/Her_)

With a background in design and far too many years coding web apps I strive to build things that make a positive impact in people's lives. View my Resume

I'm proudly working at OnCue as a UI Engineer.



  • Ubuntu Terminal, stable as heck and looks great
  • Neovim editor, it's vim but nicer
  • Hasklig Font, because code should be beautiful
  • Dracula Theme, for everything I can possibly apply it too (which is many things!)
  • Ag, for grepping all the things
  • tmux, terminals within terminals
  • zsh shell w/ ohmyzsh, for a lovely terminal UX

Check out my Dotfiles

Terminal Preview

Other Software

  • Firefox w/ DuckDuckGo, for a private web
  • Notion, for its kanban todo lists, calendar and trip planner
  • Peek screen recorder, hands down the quickest way to gif and share on linux
  • ProtonMail, for powerful and secure email
  • ProtonCalendar, for knowing what and when things are happening


Also running a personal home server for side projects, offline data storage and media hosting running on Ubuntu Server.

Artsy Hobbies

Hoping to get back into photography as I save up for a new camera...

Design Hobby Things

Curious what other developers use? Check out wesbos/awesome-uses