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Automate all the things with a team-centric CLI. Abstract away annoying day-to-day tasks and eliminate tribal team knowledge by building your team their very own CLI.

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A tool built for teams who are tired of passing around bash aliases, digging through getting started documentation or trying to memorize complex commands. With team-cli you can easily build your own NodeJS powered globally installed npm package complete with --help support.

Prentending our team name is The Cool Kids we can create the following team-cli of cool:

$ cool --help

Usage: index [options] [command]

-h, --help output usage information

start Builds and serves application locally
reset Clears out local temp files, resetting to a clean state
deploy <environment> Builds and deploys application to specified environment

The sky is the limit here! What's great is that once a team member has the tool installed they can see what options are available to them in an interactive way without having to dig around for answers. Give it a try!