Gaiety's visual representation as a fursona (an original furry fandom character) depicted as an animated gif falling downward with a controlled hand outstretched. Faer hair and tail waves in the wind while their floppy dog ears flop about as well. Fae are an anthromorphic canine like a german shepherd clothed like a human in a t-shirt and denim shorts. Art is by Lynte.

Developer III at Q2ebanking in Work

(Jan 2016 - Aug 2019) Enterprise Ember.js & Vue.js powered banking software used by tens of millions worldwide. Mentoring, writing test automation, and writing a component for native HTML Web Components.

Q2ebanking provides a banking platform that interfaces personal and professional banking needs into a single tool. They then offer this as a customizable software as a service to banks and credit unions big or small. Community banks who would have otherwise had to outsource or hire a team to build a platform with potential security holes and poor usability are a thing of the past.

Stronger communities with better financial tools

Mobile banking software

Built Ember.js powered banking software used by tens of millions worldwide. Mentored new hires, reforged automation testing standards, improved A11y.

Desktop banking software

Lead an innovative HTML5 Web Components project to achieve ambitious cross-team goals. Read more about that here...

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