Gaiety's visual representation as a fursona (an original furry fandom character) depicted as an animated gif falling downward with a controlled hand outstretched. Faer hair and tail waves in the wind while their floppy dog ears flop about as well. Fae are an anthromorphic canine like a german shepherd clothed like a human in a t-shirt and denim shorts. Art is by Lynte.

Interactive Technologies Lead & Web Admin at Cyto Communications in Work

(May 2011 - Dec 2012) Developed, designed and animated projects for Host Hotels & Resorts, Johns Hopkins Health System, World Wildlife Fund and more.

  • Built a web app to walk Johns Hopkins employees through their new healthcare benefits package complete with interactive terminology breakdowns.
  • Animated awards ceramony introductions for Laurette Universities.
  • Built some proof of concept interactive web mockups for Host Hotels & Resorts.
  • Did various graphic design projects for World Wildlife Fund, Medifast, and other Fortune 500s.

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