Gaiety's visual representation as a fursona (an original furry fandom character) depicted as an animated gif falling downward with a controlled hand outstretched. Faer hair and tail waves in the wind while their floppy dog ears flop about as well. Fae are an anthromorphic canine like a german shepherd clothed like a human in a t-shirt and denim shorts. Art is by Lynte.

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Howl your pronouns loud and proud; served with NodeJS with TailwindCSS and svg spritesheets.

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Because while we are silly, your gender identity is important. Be your genuine self. Share how you are to be referred to by newer users of neopronouns or English language learners.

Mockup image with a focus on a mobile phone showing a web app called Pronoun Monster. It has a logo of overlapping three circles in an intricate pattern. In very large text it reads fae/faer/femme/femmeself with example pronoun usage below including Fae went to the park, I went with faer, Fae brought faer frisbee, at least I think it was femme, fae threw the frisbee to femmeself. Just before the image is cropped within the phone area it also reads a portion of a table indicating pronoun usage by nomintative, accusative, prenominal possessive and presumably others below the fold.

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Powered by NodeJS with TailwindCSS and svg spritesheets leveraging my own work (dogfooding) svgdir2sprite (repo project page). Hosted on my own Ubuntu server via nginx and Docker.

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