Gaiety's visual representation as a fursona (an original furry fandom character) depicted as an animated gif falling downward with a controlled hand outstretched. Faer hair and tail waves in the wind while their floppy dog ears flop about as well. Fae are an anthromorphic canine like a german shepherd clothed like a human in a t-shirt and denim shorts. Art is by Lynte.

Static Site Generation in Repos

A collection of sites built with the static site generator eleventy and Nuxt designed leveraging Tailwind UI

Mockup of four overlapping phones showing screenshots of different websites each relating to Gaiety's pet projects. These include combinations of dark and light themed sights with prominant text such as Gaiety's Life and Faetale a youtube site with a motto of Once Upon a Time.

Something a little different! This is a collection of several repositories that house my personal websites. They are all built in Eleventy a zero-config really superb static site generator with markdown content. Except for Faetale, which leverages Nuxt and Vue which you can read my jourey on here. Most use Tailwind and Tailwind UI with manual customizations to achieve easy to update sites. Each are run through Digital Ocean Apps to automatically rebuild the static site when the repository is updated.


Wish to contact me about meetup or conference talks, work opportunities or otherwise? Reach out to me via email.


Work history, skills, volunteering and talks given all in a one page PDF.

Life (Blog)

Programming, art, design, and other queer things.

Art (Gallery)

A cross-section of my artistic brain in photography, digital, painting and more